Braithwaite Property Pty Ltd
Portfolio Management & Real Estate Services

Portfolio Management & Real Estate Services

Managing Real Estate requirements to allow client’s to understand their responsibilities and minimise exposure within their properties.

Braithwaite Property can manage your portfolio from a simple task through to a total portfolio of properties. This allows the client to work within their core business.

By using our expertise to manage the leases we can allow the client to understand their total responsibilities under the terms of their leases.

When a company leases and owns many different properties, under many different leases, it can become confusing. Braithwaite Property will manage all leases so our client understands their requirements and responsibilities both as a Lessor or a Lessee.

We are proficient in managing and negotiating leases, including rent reviews, lease renewals, new leases and make good obligations in accordance with lease requirements.

Benefits to our clients include minimising risk, reduced operating costs, benchmarking operating costs and market rental levels.

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